5 Simple Steps To Getting Started With Microsoft Azure & PowerBI

In our previous blogs, we outlined why our technology partnerships have expanded. We need a suite of tools, with market momentum behind them to deliver the results you need, but there is more to it... 

Take our partner Microsoft's Power BI service, part of the Azure analytics platform, which is changing at a remarkable rate and it seems to be accelerating and gaining even more momentum... The barrier to entry for Power BI is close to zero, in fact, if you already have Office 365 then you can create your own dashboards for free. Of course, a dashboard needs to be shared to be of real use and everyone who wants to consume your shiny new dashboard would need a licence. Even though the barrier to entry is this small, it is still quite enough. What we’ve realised is that in order to really start on a proper analytics program people need a little help.  A little help in realising that if you do not need to invest a fortune or employ a vast army of technologists... you just need a little help. 

To break down the fear barrier when getting started we’ve developed a quick start package. Designed to give your organisation the helping hand it needs to start it's analytics journey combining training and a lot of expertise...

Step One:

A half-day ‘Value-Based Design’ Session with your decision-makers. Working through a powerful, but simple design process to produce dashboard designs to make data-driven decisions that are relevant to your organisation. Defining your desired output. 

Step Two:

Once we understood what is important to your job role and organisation, we’ll quickly identify the data that is required to actually build this dashboard.

But don’t worry if the data is a little rough around the edges - we can work with you on this, everyone starts somewhere. 

Step Three:

We construct the dashboards based on the Value-Based Design Mock-ups created in step one. During this step, we’ll work with you to get even more feedback and make further design improvements. Giving you insights into best practices for agile processes. 

Step Four:

We take a critical look at what we’ve created. Reviewing your needs and assessing the effectiveness of the Dashboards to meet those needs. At this stage we repeat any stages necessary to make sure your needs are met.

At this stage you’ll now have a working demo; we’ll take care to make this as reusable as possible building on the excitement and engagement that a set of actionable dashboards generates.  

Step Five:

We add more data or take advantage of the Cognitive Services in Azure. At this stage, we may also want to do some important data quality transformations using data factory which can be shared with colleagues via publishing it in an App. 

All this can take as little as 10 days, costing you no more than a standard training package. 

Unlike a standard training package that can result in employees being unsure how to implement their new-found knowledge within the organisation, this 5 step quick start leaves you with relevant actionable dashboards for your organisation and the internal skillset to use them. You will have an approach that gets instant feedback and dashboards you can use to build engagement with those using the reports. Building understanding and an arsenal of techniques that can be used to continue building your own momentum and move towards an actionable analytics approach.   

If this sounds like something that is of interest to your organisation download our quickstart PDF below or call us on 01246389000 or email us on enquires@peakindicators.com to discuss the opportunities Power BI and Azure can create for your business.

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