Announcing the Oracle-Azure "Multicloud"

Just as you thought you knew all the different cloud flavours (private, public, hybrid, community etc) there is a new one to announce: The Multicloud

Oracle and Microsoft have announced a new partnership to deliver fast and secure "inter-connects" between their data centers. You can read the full press release here...

What does this mean?

Customers often have to choose between one cloud vendor or another, meaning they are limited to the services provided by a single vendor.   

But with a dedicated private interconnect between data centres, customers can now benefit from a combination of Azure and Oracle cloud services without compromising performance or security.

The new partnership even extends to support, so Oracle Support teams will route tickets through to Azure support on behalf of its customers, and vice-versa.

Whilst it is already possible for a customer to securely link two cloud platforms together (e.g. via VPN) the connections are usually achieved via the public internet and the customer is responsible for its implementation, support and security. Feedback from one customer at the Oracle OpenWorld Europe event was that the dedicated Azure-Oracle interconnect delivered a more constant rate of data transfer than their previous link via the public internet.

Here are two examples of how the new inter-connect could be used:

  1. Customers can enable Fusion ERP on the Oracle Cloud with authentication delivered Azure Active Directory
  2. Customers using Azure Analysis Services (Power BI) can perform direct-query against databases running on Oracle Cloud

To discuss Oracle's new Multicloud technology or how Peak Indicators can help your organisation, get in touch with our team contact us here.

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