Antony Heljula: Augmented Analytics with Oracle

  • 1st July 2019
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Bruno Aziza, VP of Oracle Analytics, is currently on a world tour interviewing some of the brightest minds in data and analytics. In his ‘Destination Insight’ interviews, he documents what the featured professionals are focused on now and where they are headed to next.


 “in a data driven world change comes fast and if you aren’t ahead of the curve you fall behind” – Bruno Aziza

What Did the Interview Cover?

During his interview with Antony Heljula, co-founder of Peak Indicators, they discuss how Peak Indicators took a global bank from 1,500 on-premise users to 65k users in the cloud - all whilst managing to reduce cost.


The bank wanted to get to an analytics solution that could provide analytics and insights into all line managers and daily HR processes.


During the interview, Bruno touches on the trend of Augmented Analytics and Antony draws in the poll conducted across HR Leaders at a HRD Summit in 2018. There, over 50% declared that AI and Analytics were vital to their business function. 


Yet a year later in 2019, at the same event, only a handful of companies in the room declared having taken any action to get started in this area.

Business Predictions

Business engagement is paramount if you want business predictions. The business has to be clear on what processes may need to be changed as a result of the insights and they have to be prepared to change them.


Within HR, predicting employees that are most likely to leave is still one of the most valuable data insights you can generate. It is estimated that a company will lose approximately $50k for every employee they lose. 


Contributing factors to this figure include: lost productivity, recruitment, on-boarding and training costs. If you can predict using augmented data analytics who is likely to leave and take action to prevent them from leaving you can therefore save a significant amount of money.


Antony and his team at Peak Indicators have developed Tallinn - an augmented machine learning platform - which automates many of the key data science functions. This means that analysts can get to insights and predictions quicker and are therefore more likely to get the buy-in from the business.

To find out more visit our Tallinn Machine Learning page and request a demo. 


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