Donations to Valley CIDS and St. Wilfrid’s

Peak Indicators will be making donations to two charities of choice this year. We’re delighted to be able to contribute towards the hard work of the Turner Farm Project; as well as the efforts of St Wilfrid’s.

We’ve chosen these two organisations due to the work that they do to build a brighter future for communities in the area local to Chesterfield.

Both St Wilfrid’s and the Turner Farm Project are charities that we’ve built a relationship with during the past couple of years. We’re fully behind the work they do and we were keen to provide a donation to help each cause.

Turner Farm Project and Valley CIDS

Spread over 48 acres of the Swanwick countryside, the Turner Farm Project was originally established in 1740 to provide education to disadvantaged children from the local area. At risk of decline in 2009, it was merged with Valley CIDS and has since prospered providing life-changing opportunities to young people.

We were inspired to donate to the Turner Farmer Project following the work we did at this year’s Peak Indicators team day. This took place towards the end of October, where we spent the day with the Valley CIDs team before our evening meal.

During the time we spent in Swanick, we planted 1,500 trees on the Turner Farm land. These were all donated by us to help leave the legacy of a woodland for children spending time at the farm.

You can donate to the efforts of The Turner Farm Project here.

St. Wilfrid’s

Based in Sheffield, St. Wilfrid’s is a day centre which was opened to help all homeless, vulnerable and socially excluded adults aged above 18. Their skilled team offers basic welfare services and personal development activities.

Our own relationship with St. Wilfrid’s begun off the back of the Peak Indicators team day held in 2016, which they hosted for us. There we spent a fantastic day playing pool, darts and table football; with proceedings pitting St. Wilfrid’s clients vs our team.

The hosts remained undefeated on the day and informed us no one had ever actually beaten them. The banter was amazing and we then had a lovely meal in the evening. Their chocolate cake pudding was a particular highlight.

St. Wilfrid’s have some great local events coming up in early 2018. These include the ‘St. Wilfrid’s Centre Sleep Out 2018’ on March 16th; as well as ‘The London Landmarks Half Marathon’ on March 25th.

You can donate to the efforts of St. Wilfrid’s here.

From all the Peak Indicators team we hope you have a fantastic Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

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