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Whether we like it or not we all will spend the majority of our day-to-day lives at work. Here at Peak, we believe in empowering our staff to make healthier choices. Making wellbeing in the workplace engrained in our culture.

Time and time again we have seen the positive impact that health, fitness and wellbeing has on our team and the workplace as a whole, whether it is through providing healthy food in our breakout room, promoting a healthy work-life home-life balance with flexible working or advocating lunchtime classes such as yoga to reduce stress.

Using Fuell to Incorporate Exercise Challenges

Our latest venture is the new Fuell app – a piece of software designed around the incorporation of exercise ‘challenges’ into the employee life. The App comes preloaded with a range of challenges related to activities including running, swimming and cycling.

A fantastic feature of these challenges is the activity points you gain through switching on your GPS and getting out into the great outdoors.  The app also enables users to create tasks and invite their colleagues to participate, who doesn't love a bit of friendly competition.

To kick things off in July we decided to run two challenges one for steps, and one for 'active' points, all those who completed the challenge were entered into a prize draw to win a donation to their chosen charity.

Sarcoidosis UK and Ashgate Hospicecare

July's 'Step Challenge' charity is Sarcoidosis UK. One of our team is personally affected by this disease, whose partner battles the condition, so it’s a cause close to our hearts.

The charity provides information and support for people dealing with sarcoidosis, as well as funding research into finding a cure. Every case is unique and is difficult to diagnose due to symptoms resembling other diseases. You can find out more about Sarcoidosis UK and donate here.

July's 'Active points Challenge' charity is Ashgate Hospicecare. Our team member is passionate about providing support for the service after a family member used the hospice before their passing.

Ashgate Hospicecare is a 21-bed, inpatient unit offering therapy and support services to those under their care on site. They rely on donations to continue this service, and every donation makes a difference, You can find out more about the services they provide and donate here.

Understanding What Motivates Your Team

Having the right workforce is vital to any company no matter your sector, that's why it's important to understand what drives and motivates your team. A unified vision and motivation make not only for a smooth-running business but a loyal, driven workforce. Whether you're adding new members to your team or losing them its vital to understand the data behind those actions.

Historical employee data can help you to predict employee actions. Analysis of unstructured data such as CVs – and keyword themes and extraction – when interviewing can help you to identify high-risk leavers. Given that £30,000 is the average cost to an organisation when an employee leaves, this insight can be priceless.

To find out more about Workforce Retention Analytics and what it can mean for your company get in touch with our team today at enquires@peakindicators.com or via our contact form.

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