Exciting Developments At Infor

Towards the end of 2017, our Services Director David Hall was in attendance at Infor Next; which took place in London on 30th November.

Following Infor’s takeover of Birst back in August last year, the event provided excellent insight into what we can expect to see from Infor in the near future. It was also notable in that it highlighted the increasingly-important role Birst will play in Infor’s delivery of their services to customers moving forward. 

Birst Still Relatively Unknown To Infor Customers

Anything starting with a sales cycle will now have Birst within it. The platform will take the place of Infor’s basic reporting; whilst it will also begin to replace the various embedded options such as Qlik.

David observed lots of interest in the Birst stand, which was in place alongside other stands for Infor products including M3, LN, LX and HCN. This interest was in part due to the Birst platform still remaining relatively unknown to traditional Infor customers; with this set to change moving forward.

The Fabric Of Infor

In addition to discussion surrounding Birst, the ‘break out’ areas at the event provided a platform for gaining excellent insight into what the real fabric of Infor is. As a company, they work very closely with customers to build solutions. Whilst their clients include showcase customers such as Ferrari, they also provide support to lots of smaller companies too.

The relationships with many of these companies span several decades. This ultimately means that there is a huge user base of 72 million individual users that can be tapped into.

Taking M3 As An Example

Looking more closely at the roadmap for M3 – Infor’s manufacturing solution – provides further insight into the capabilities possessed by the company. Given that M3 has now reached version 13, there has been plenty of advancement made over the years. 

David attended a session at Infor Next, given by the M3 product manager, who has been in place since the beginning. He explained that whilst there have only been minor changes made to the ‘logic’ of M3 over the past 2 years, there has been heavy investment made in splitting out the underlying option.

An example of this investment this quarter (for those with at least on premise version 13.4) is the option of being able to move to a multi-tenant cloud.

The next step will be on further expanding the capabilities of M3, which will involve adding Birst options. This will also happen across the other major product lines, representing another example of the potential brought by the Birst investment; as well as the long-term view being taken by Infor across the board.

Moving Forward At Peak Indicators

At Peak Indicators, we will continue with our work on Birst, helping clients to advance towards the enterprise version and the benefits that it can bring. Our expertise in employee engagement, HR Analytics and Workforce Optimisation make HCM suite with Infor an obvious starting point. 

We look forward to defining and building our partner links with Infor, just as we have with Birst in the last few years.

If you’d like to find out more about what Infor and the changes with Birst could mean for your company’s analytics and BI strategy, please get in touch.

Assessment App

In addition, if you’d like to gain further understanding as to where your company is with its analytics, you will undoubtedly find our Assessment App to be of use. Taking around 25 minutes to complete, it provides a great starting point for us guiding you along your analytics journey. 

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