Gartner Research Provides Interesting Insight

In early September Gartner research analysts Alan Duncan, Rita Sallam and Nigel Shen produced a research note entitled “Survey Analysis: Cloud and Agile Analytics and Business Intelligence Hold Tremendous Potential for Midsize Enterprises”.

The research was focused on interpreting the data gathered from 749 mid-sized organisations during 2017 with regards to their current Analytics initiatives.

From my perspective the important number was the technology areas with the highest “Planned Use” areas. What are the technologies organisations would they be looking to drive business benefits from for the first time? I was surprised what made the Top 3: 

  • Geo-Spatial and Location Intelligence projects were going to be kick started by some 36% organisations
  • Mobile BI deployments was second with some 39% of responders looking to start work in this area in the coming months
  • Data Mining and Predictive Analysis projects were planned to be undertaken by 48% of the responders 

What surprised me was not that these were top three but rather the size of the percentages. I was shocked that over 48% of the organisations had not already kicked of any predictive analytics projects or that close to 40% of organisations still had not deployed mobile Analytical applications.

So if you are an Oracle customer and considering projects in this area it may be worth looking at some of our previous blogs on these topics. A couple of interesting reads are: 

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If you would prefer to talk with us about how we can help you deploy these key technologies or others in an Oracle or Infor Analytics architecture then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Charles Berger on 20/12/17

Agree w/perspective. Additionally, should look into our Oracle in-Database and Hadoop/Spark based machine learning algorithms. See A Simple Guide to Oracle’s Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics