GDPR Compliance: Peak Indicators & Privitar

  • 17th September 2018
  • Security
  • Peak Indicators

It's been four months since The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force, making it mandatory for organisations to be fully transparent on how they use the personal data of those in the EU using appropriate technical and organisational security measures to protect the data they collect against Destruction, Alteration, Disclosure, Unauthorised processing, Unwanted access and Accidental loss.

What, however, has this meant in real terms when working with and analysing sensitive data? At Peak Indicators, we’ve assessed many potential solutions to advise our clients on this dilemma.

Following our research, we have subsequently partnered with Privitar - a company offering an enterprise-ready suite of products that address the significant challenges in providing data-driven insight; while addressing the risks associated with accessing personal data.

This is achievable by adopting a scalable approach to privacy management, which requires pattern-preserving data de-identification.

Retaining Insight while Ensuring Data Isn’t Personally Identifiable

In order to retain the valuable insight in a dataset, it is essential to maintain the nuanced structure, complexity and referential integrity of the original data. This must also be done while ensuring that the data is no longer personally identifiable which is where the issues can begin.

This process is made possible through Privitar Publisher, which enables you to:

  • Protect personal data while preserving its utility
  • Enable personal data protection with comprehensive masking and statistical anonymisation techniques
  • Enable collaboration and sharing
  • Publish data into protected data domains; enabling collaboration while reducing the risk of data misuse
  • Enable manageability and transparency
  • Enforce privacy policies that are approved by risk and compliance functions with clear proof of execution and comprehensive audit trails
  • Track data usage and lineage
  • Embed indelible watermarks in the data to enable data lineage, regardless of how the data is transformed or copied

Using platforms like Privitar gives you the ability to continue using insights from your sensitive data, allowing your business to focus on insights, reduce the workload associated with GDPR and providing peace of mind for those responsible for compliance.

If you would like to find out more about how to maximise the value in your data, while minimising the risks associated with accessing personally identifiable information, please get in touch.

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