HRD Summit Europe Places Importance On Millennials

The 2017 HRD Summit Europe took place in Amsterdam this weekend, with Peak Indicators’ Andy Ball and Kenneth Neilson both in attendance.

The event, which brings together hundreds of senior HR professionals from across the world, always generates plenty of thought-provoking discussion.

Understanding the Millennial Generation

Interestingly, the main takeaway for both Andy and Kenneth from this year’s event was the importance of gaining insight into the minds of the millennial generation. The majority of questions and discussions they had were around this subject – and they gained some fascinating responses.

The key points were that:

  • They’re looking for experiences, as well as a career – a job needs to fulfil both criteria
  • Mentors and coaches are favoured over managers and supervisors
  • The workplace has to suit all needs – that includes the provision of quiet and social spaces
  • Feedback is desired more as a short, ‘in the moment’ process, rather than via lengthy appraisals
  • The emergence of apps is integral to how information is now digested

Getting to Know Your Employees and Understand What They Need

Every company is different and the key is to understand the mind-set of the younger generation, rather than trying to tick every box and find a one-size-fits-all solution.

For us at Peak, the Summit has primarily brought about internal discussion around:

  • How we utilise our extended workspace
  • How we measure engagement
  • How we really get to know our employees and understand what they are ‘really’ feeling and need from us as an employer

In addition, we are also keen to invest in the way we utilise our analytics expertise to help retain and develop employees from the millennial generation.

Peak Indicators Workforce Retention Demo

This will enable us to provide insight similar to that which is available within our ‘Workforce Retention’ demo. This video shows how we’re able to provide a range of predictive and analytical capabilities to enable organisations of all sizes to optimise their workforce.

Within the demo, we look at the analysis of historical data, predictive BI, textual data and ‘what if’ analysis.

If you'd like a personal demo or would like to see a demo built with your own data sources please get in touch.



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