MapInfoViz Plugin for Oracle Data Visualization

For anyone who likes to use maps with Oracle Data Visualization, we have developed a new "MapInfoViz" plugin that allows you to overlay "info visuals" on your maps and other visualizations!

 The plugin can be freely downloaded from the Oracle Public Store.

The info visuals consist of an image, a heading (with an optional metric) and a custom text field:

The info visuals are dynamic - the content is sourced from your data, so the visuals change as you apply filters or refresh data.

You can have multiple info visuals and they can be placed anywhere on your canvas (when you use "freeform" mode).

Please check out our YouTube video to see a demonstration with an overview of how to use the MapInfoViz plugin and set the various propery options: 


The plugin is easy to deploy into Data Viz and becomes a standard chart along with all the others: 

We hope you find it useful!  If you have any comments or further ideas then please let us know by emailing us at

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