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Regular readers of the Peak Indicators’ blog will know that we we’ve been providing support for a school in Kenya for several years now.

Jambo Jipya, located close to Mombasa in North Kenya, is run in conjunction with a neighbouring orphanage. Providing education to children of many ages, the school operates in a very warm environment; with daily temperatures regularly exceeding 35 degrees. 

Peak Indicators MD Pays Visit to Kenya

After surpassing the 5-year mark at Peak Indicators, as part of Peaks 5 year reward scheme, our Managing Director Kenneth Neilson was keen to pay a visit to Kenya and help the local community.

So, he headed out to meet our contact at Jimbo Jipya, Phil Beech. During his visit, under Phil’s guidance, he helped provide his assistance to those working at the school; primarily with painting and decorating ahead of the upcoming school term.

He also helped with the upkeep of the school bus which Peak bought for Jambo Jipya 2 years ago.

School Benefiting From Funding  

Since Kenneth’s visit, the school has also completed work on the replacement of the roof for the Jambo Jipya school building. Just as importantly, one of the main side walls was also reinforced; which will help prevent from the flooding caused by Kenya’s heavy rains.


Kenneth witnessed the past effect of this during his visit and it was evident from speaking to staff that the flooding had been a problem, so the improvements will be welcome.

In addition to the re-painting, roof replacement and wall reinforcement, the school is also no longer having to waste valuable drinking water for non-drinking purposes; thanks to the installation of an innovative pumping system.

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