Ongoing Support Continues to Help Kenyan School

Over the years, Peak Indicators have provided continued support for a school in Kenya. Our relationship with Jambo Jipya has seen us provide funding towards items including bunk beds, custom-built chairs and a school minibus.

Based in the North of Kenya in Mtwapa, close by to Mombasa, the name of the school translates to ‘hello and welcome’ in Swahili. It is run in conjunction with a neighbouring orphanage.

Often days there reach well in excess of 35 degrees and so it’s a warm and demanding environment for study. Pupils are taught between 6.30am and 5.30pm.

Helping to Make a Difference

The Peak team are always keen to hear how our continued sponsorship is helping to make a difference to the children attending the school.

The latest update from Phil Beech, our contact at Jambo Jipya, came through during May. He was keen to impress the difference that the minibus we donated has made:

Phil summarised:

“All is well at Jambo Jipya, except for the fact that as I write the school and surrounding area is flooded. This is amazing as there has been a drought for the last 3 years. Please thank your staff for your continued support. I can't express our gratitude.”

Thanks to another sponsor of Jambo Jipya, TAS, the bus is now also going to receive regular servicing, whilst it has also been equipped with some nearly-new tyres.

Useful Donations

There have been other useful donations that have made a difference too. In their most recent newsletter, Jambo Jipya also referenced:

  • A new multi-fuel stove - Typically, the cooking method often relied on in Kenya is a ‘Jiko’ charcoal-burning stove. Yet charcoal is expensive and the new stove can be fuelled with scraps of wood. This cheaper option is incredibly useful to have.
  • New toilets - The previous toilet has received a fantastic upgrade to include two cubicles for the boys and two for the girls at the school. Naturally, this is an improvement of great value.
  • Desks and chairs - The school recently received delivery of over 100 steel-framed desks and chairs. All of these were purchased thanks to sponsored donations.

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