Oracle Data Visualization Hands-on Lab

Thanks to all those attending our Oracle Data Visualization "Hands-on Lab" at the KScope 2017 conference.

Please download the materials and instructions for the hands-on lab here!

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Comments (8)
Michal Zima on 28/7/17

Hi Tony, could you, pls,share password for importing DVA project, which is a part of a Hands-On zip file (I have tried Admin123). Thanks Michal

Jet Sam on 12/8/17

Password please

Alessandro on 10/10/17

Hi Tony, could you, share password for importing DVA project.Thanks in advance, Alessandro.

Mujahid Mirza on 25/11/17

Hello Tony, can you please share the password for the DVA file? Thank you!

christopher on 19/4/18

Where can I find the csv file to upload? It's not in the zip file

Peak Indicators on 24/4/18

Hi Christopher - could you email please and we will try and resolve the issue for you.

Anil Mendapara on 6/7/18

Please send the credential and data file

Peak Indicators on 10/7/18

Hi Anil, The password is "kscope2017" when you import the project the data is in the file.If you have any problems email and we will try and resolve the issue for you.