Oracle Data Visualization Hands-on Lab

Thanks to all those attending our Oracle Data Visualization "Hands-on Lab" at the KScope 2017 conference.

Please download the materials and instructions for the hands-on lab here!

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Comments (8)
Michal Zima on 28/7/17

Hi Tony, could you, pls,share password for importing DVA project, which is a part of a Hands-On zip file (I have tried Admin123). Thanks Michal

Jet Sam on 12/8/17

Password please

Alessandro on 10/10/17

Hi Tony, could you, share password for importing DVA project. Thanks in advance, Alessandro.

Mujahid Mirza on 25/11/17

Hello Tony, can you please share the password for the DVA file? Thank you!

christopher on 19/4/18

Where can I find the csv file to upload? It's not in the zip file

Peak Indicators on 24/4/18

Hi Christopher - could you email please and we will try and resolve the issue for you.

Anil Mendapara on 6/7/18

Please send the credential and data file

Peak Indicators on 10/7/18

Hi Anil, The password is "kscope2017" when you import the project the data is in the file. If you have any problems email and we will try and resolve the issue for you.