Oracle Data Viz Tutorial - Building an on-line HR Management Pack

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Oracle award

"Master of Data Visualization 2016"

We recently entered Oracle EMEA's "Data Viz competition" and our winning entry was a set of visualisations based on an on-line HR Management Reporting Pack (see screenshots below).  

We thought an HR Management Reporting Pack would provide a great example of how Oracle Data Visualization can improve the end-user experience through the use of interactive "Storyboard" visualisations.  

Online Storyboards can be a lot more effective than distributing monthly reporting packs in static Powerpoint or PDF formats, especially as they are mobile enabled.

In this article, we will show you how we produced the visualisations by providing a video tutorial along with all the materials used (including the data), so you can practice the techniques used in your own time.

We hope you enjoy!


Video Tutorial 

Click on the image below to view the video tutorial (youtube)

Tutorial Materials

Download this zip file containing two Excel data sources plus the supporting images:





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