Oracle Synopsis

Oracle Synopsis is a new BI offering from Oracle. It comes in the form of a mobile application, with the aim to automatically convert spreadsheets into simple data visualisations. 

Simplicity is key with Synopsis, with an easy to use UI, which means it only takes a few clicks to create graphs from spreadsheet data.

Getting Started

Once the application is downloaded from the app store and opened, you will be greeted with a sample demo. This can be explored straight away, giving you the ability to slice the data by different time periods. Tapping the graph then opens up another view, showing the numeric values (which we will explore later).


To use your own data within the app is really easy, simply click the green plus icon to open up the file browser


Navigate to your desired xlsx file and tap the name. This will then start loading your data into the application. This can take a few minutes, whilst the excel spreadsheet is automatically converted in to graphs.

Once the data is loaded you will be presented with a new tile on the application projects page. As you can see from the screenshot, the application has automatically picked up the multiple ways to slice the data and has already produced the graphs.


From here we can click on the tile and drill down into the data. This opens up a numerical view, which allows for an overview of the data.

The tabs (containing the numeric values) are also drillable, opening up an alternative graph view. This gives a much more a detailed insight, where individual data points can be seen.


Whilst the app chooses which graph it feels is most appropriate to display the data, they are customisable. This gives the user the ability to change the graph type, add text labels and also the way in which the values are formatted.


Synopsis also allows filters to be added and removed from each graph and is achieved by simply checking and unchecking the filter boxes. By clicking on the filter icon the condition of the filter can be edited, for example only showing values between two given numbers.


Finally, the application allows for the export of the chart. By clicking the ‘share’ icon in the top right-hand corner, numerous options are available

including sending via email and Facebook.


Whilst there are expected limitations, Synopsis makes data analytics on mobile devices very easy, without the need for complex configuration. Synopsis is available from all the major app stores and is free to download.

Download from:

Google Play Store 


Apple App Store 


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