Our Analytics Assessment Tool Is Now Live

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new Analytics Assessment tool, which has been in development over the past few months.  

The primary aim of the tool is to help businesses to unlock the hidden potential of analytics within their organisation.

Enabling company decision makers to better understand and use their data, the tool revolves around a series of questions divisible by 5 areas. Upon completion of these questions, we’ll be able to provide an accurate review of your company’s current analytics’ processes.

How Do I Use the Tool?

You can find a link to our Analytics Assessment tool here. In order to get the full value from it, you’ll need to allow around 25 minutes to complete the accompanying questions.

Each area plays an integral role towards us gaining an accurate understanding of how your organisation currently uses analytics.

Following completion of the assessment, we’ll provide you with a summary report of your company’s existing analytics’ deployment.

What Does the Assessment Tool Analyse?

The areas which our Analytics Assessment Tool focuses on are analytics, data, governance, infrastructure and organisation. Across these sections, we’ll cover things like the existing technologies your company has in place, how your data sources are connected and how you’re using data to progress your operations.

The summative total of the understanding we gain from the questions is what enables us to gain a better vision of the full analytics ‘picture’ at your company.

The more of your organisation’s employees that complete the assessment, the more understanding we can gain surrounding your existing analytics’ deployment.

We can then benchmark any findings against companies operating within the same sector and use the comparisons to hopefully identify strengths and weaknesses of similar organisations.

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