Peak Indicators 2018 Graduate Boot Camp: Recruits Look Back

At Peak Indicators, we recently ran out latest graduate boot camp. Designed to bridge the gap between studies and our business analytics operations, the boot camp enables us immerse new recruits within the team and get them up to speed with how the company runs.

Following what was another really successful week, we were keen to share the thoughts of our latest arrivals:

Luke Sharma, Graduate BI Consultant

When I got to Peak on my first day, I was undeniably nervous. We (the grads) had arranged to meet in the foyer beforehand – and after getting to know the others, I was much more at ease. After a day of orientation/paperwork, the first day of boot camp was a lot to take in.

However, as we went through more and more material, it felt like we were learning quickly and developing our skills quite well – and each day became much easier than the last. Although boot camp was comprehensive and intensive – I felt like it was a really good, “hands-on” way of learning the skills required before we entered project work, from people who were experts in the field.

Currently I’m working closely with Alex on a couple of key projects – this has given me great exposure to three different BI software types (Birst, Oracle Data Visualization Desktop, and OBIEE). During the project work, everyone has been very supportive and willing to help us learn.

I feel extremely lucky to have a job at Peak, as the extremely positive, and familial culture here has allowed me to develop both technical and personal skills over the past couple of months.

Eldon Chinyamakobvu, Happywired IT Graduate

Boot camp at Peak Indicators was more than just about getting to know my job role and the company. It was about getting to know the people who are at the heart of the business. 3 weeks of boot camp went by quickly, with each day presenting its fair share of challenges and lots of fun moments.  

We received a quick background of what the company does and some of the systems that are at centre of the company`s operation. Working with SQL and Oracle OBIEE was fun, especially when it came to understanding some of the endless functionalities the system offers. Things were made even better having gone through it with the other graduates.  

Since boot camp, l have moved out of the BI role and now working for HappyWired on the Microsoft Office 365 project. This has been a wonderful surprise and l have been enjoying my time ever since.

Alex Coulthard, Graduate BI Consultant

As I arrived at Peak for my first day, my initial nerves of starting a new job completely went away once I stepped through the front door to meet the other grads. From the get-go, every single member of the Peak family has been extremely welcoming to myself and the other grads, which proved to myself that I made the best decision in joining Peak.

Boot camp officially started on our second day, with the initial focus of the training being on SQL and OBIEE. The skills that we were learning were unlike anything that I had experienced before, hence at first it was a bit daunting.

However, every day I found myself continuously learning and improving, which was increasing my confidence in this new field. As our skills grew, we were tasked with providing a presentation on OBIEE using data from a specific case study in a pair.

In the final week we learnt more about Birst, which proved to be extremely important as I, alongside Luke and Gemma, was placed in a related client project. Doing project work has really helped me to learn more by using what I learnt in boot camp in a real situation, and also by getting exposure to other projects, such as working with Tony, Carley and Luke on the Oracle Data Viz project.

Becka Tung, Graduate BI Consultant

Walking up the hill to the office on the first day, my nerves were rising with every step of the climb. Luckily, after stepping through into the foyer and getting to know the other grads, all that nervous energy subsided! On meeting the rest of the Peak family, I along with the other grads was made to feel extremely welcomed and supported, with helping hands extending from everyone we met.

Starting off our training with an administration day, the first week of boot camp whizzed by. We were introduced to the basics of data warehousing, SQL and OBIEE. Throughout boot camp, although there was a lot to take in, I felt like I was improving quickly and that I would be able to build on things I’d learnt on each day.

With week 2 culminating in a practical case study presentation demonstrating our skills using OBIEE, it really hit home just how much we’d all learnt and achieved in 2 weeks. As daunting as presenting to 6 experts was, the whole experience really emphasised how much everyone wanted to help us to learn and improve. The hands-on examples that we were given really helped to develop and solidify my understanding and increase my confidence before moving onto project work.

I’ve since been placed on a core project using OBIEE and everything I learnt on boot camp has been implemented whilst working on the project. The team have been really inclusive and helped me get stuck in from the first day and I’ve had a lot of exposure to all the different aspects of the project.

The familial, positive and helpful culture of Peak has enabled me to settle into the company really quickly and allowed me to develop personal and technical skills at a pace I’d never thought possible.

Gemma Bray, Graduate BI Consultant

My first day was a bit later than everyone else’s as I’d missed boot camp and started on day 2 of the Scrum training course.  I was a bit nervous going in but it was good as it meant I got to meet everyone - not only from my grad cohort but also last year’s graduates too (as well as getting to build a plane out of a coffee cup!)

After this I was introduced into one of the client-specific teams alongside Luke and Alex.  I was to be working on an application with Matt and Shan and have spent the last month familiarising myself with both the Birst platform and the application data itself.

It’s been a busy few weeks but this has been helped by the support of other team members and access to a free tea supply!

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