Peak Indicators Invests In HappyWired

At Peak Indicators, we’re always keen to improve our employee and customer engagement. We’ve spent a lot of time working towards turning Peak Indicators into a truly digital workplace.

Bearing this in mind, we’re pleased to announce that Peak Indicators has now completed an equity investment in Happy Wired.

A key driver behind our decision to make this investment was the dialogue we’ve held with various consultants and organisations over the past few months. 

Many of those that we spoke to focused on the selling of Office 365 licenses. Many didn’t, however, support organisations in how they could be utilising the technology to support key tasks related to collaboration and communication. 

Deploying the host of Microsoft applications that exist in the Office 365 suite was something we felt to be important – and this was what led us to work with HappyWired. 

Who Are HappyWired?

Based next to the Peak Indicators Hub in Chesterfield, HappyWired have extensive experience related to Office 365 consultancy and training.

They are a small company focused on digital collaboration and technologies including SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.

Their passionate team specialises in intranets, migrations and digital workspaces. With many years’ knowledge amongst their developers, they can help you to unlock the full power of your Office 365 package.

What Made Them Stand Out? 

HappyWired stood out from the crowd due to their in-depth knowledge of the full Office 365 suite. They helped us to build the roadmap we needed to deploy the tools required for us to meet our company objectives.

We were very impressed with their technical knowledge, work ethic and approach. These characteristics were ultimately what led us to make the equity investment in the company. 

Moving forward, we will now be supporting HappyWired in their growth through the provision of back office support. This will be delivered through our investment in Oracle Netsuite ERP and CRM applications.

If you’re looking for support with SharePoint – or you feel you’re not getting the right ROI from Office 365 – make sure you check out HappyWired’s services. You can contact Kevin at HappyWired to find out more.

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