Peak Indicators is now Cyber Essentials Certified

At Peak Indicators we take security seriously - and as a way to prove this, we have enrolled in the NCSC’s (National Cyber Security Centre) Cyber Essentials scheme. 

The Cyber Essentials scheme was created by the NCSC to help guard organisations against the most commonly found cyber threats “in the wild”. This is an effective method of protection, as protection against common threats helps in the fight against more complicated attacks. It’s a government backed scheme that assesses a company’s current cyber security protocols, and also recommends any improvements that can be made.

The assessment consists of an in-depth self-assessment of the security protocols that we have in-house. This ensures that all of our business data is stored securely, and that business processes don’t infringe on the security set up that we have.

A couple of weeks ago, we decided that as we have always taken our security seriously, that we should get Cyber Essential certification. This meant that we could ensure that our own security is currently up to scratch and ticking the right boxes - as well as implement any improvements if necessary.

We filled out the Self-Assessment questionnaire and sent that to the IASME service who govern the Cyber Essentials program. Through our use of Microsoft Azure’s security tools such as InTune, Privileged Identity Management, and MDM (as well as other strong business processes to support the software) - we passed the Cyber Essentials certification with no areas to improve. This indicates that we are compliant with the level of security that the UK Government recommends for businesses.

This means that whenever you work with Peak Indicators, you can have the peace of mind that we’re Cyber Essentials Certified!

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