Peak Indicators Tony Heljula Mentioned In Wall Street Journal

Peak Indicators Technical Director Anthony Heljula was featured in the Wall Street Journal in February. The prestigious publication mentioned Tony as part of a feature around ZS Wellness, one of our clients at Peak Indicators.

ZS Wellness was established in 2017 by Andrew Cowderoy, who was forced out of the British Merchant Navy at 24 years of age; due to a sudden medical diagnosis and subsequent fitness difficulties.

Following the dismissal he received, Andrew threw himself into the world of health and established ZS Wellness as a UK-based fitness analytics consultancy.

What Do ZS Wellness Do?

ZS Wellness provide fitness monitoring software - as well as offering personal training services and nutrition counselling. These services have been designed to help maritime workers deal with the mental and physical demands of work at sea.

Their clients commonly include commercial ship operators, who receive the ZS Wellness app on Garmin wearables. These are passed to crew members, from whom information such as heart rate and stress levels is collected.

This data is then uploaded to the Garmin cloud for analysis.

How Does the App Work & Use the Data?

The ZS Wellness application is deployed via Java-based REST web services hosted on a Java application server. As data becomes available on the Oracle cloud from the crew in question, an alert is sent by Garmin to an API.

As Tony explained in the Wall Street Journal article, this “indicates that we can extract the new data and pull it into our own development environment.”

This quote helps to explain the involvement of Tony Heljula with the ZS Wellness team.

He was tasked with helping ZS Wellness to access and use the powerful data being collected from the clients they work with.

Data Integration Services From Peak Indicators

If you are planning to make the move into cloud software and need to re-think your data integration strategy, please get in touch with the Peak Indicators team.

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