Power BI December 2019 Updates – KPI Updates (Goal)

Finally, something we have been waiting for for a long time.

Its amazing how such a little thing can case so much extra complexity.

Previously you could only show this on the KPI

The Goal States 1749 but this isnt a Goal. This is Last Months measure. Not a goal

This basically means that for the KPI you can only use them in this way if your data makes sense for there to be a Goal. Maybe you might have to add more information about the Goal in the Visual Header Tool tip icon.

However, for my report I need it to be stated that this is last month figure as compared to this months. I have lots of KPIs based on Current and this time last month so I had to create them like this

Instead of 1 visual I have 2. A KPI and a card, Hiding Goal in the KPI. this creates a lot more complexity in the reports but I had to do it to avoid Confusion.

Now, we can reset the Goal to whatever we want

Finally I can reset all my reports so I can reduce the amount of visuals shown.


Such a small change but it makes a big difference.

I give this update 10/10

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