Real-time stats with the OBIEE "Perfmon" Utility

This is an updated version of an article originally written and published on 20th May 2015. 

There is a useful "Perfmon" performance monitoring utility that comes with OBIEE. It provides 100s of real-time performance metrics about BI Presentation Services and the BI Server, amongst other things.

To invoke the utility, you simply need to add "?Perfmon" to the end of your standard URL for Oracle BI:



A screen will then appear with statistics about concurrent and peak usage of your BI application. For example, there is info about active/current/peak presentations services sessions:

This can be especially useful to monitor the number of running threads used by presentation services.

To find out how you can utilise these metrics to tune your Oracle BI stack, or for further implementation advice, including usage tracking – contact for a consultation.

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