The Digital Society – What is it? What are the implications, and what can we do about it?

Paul Clough (Information School, University of Sheffield and Peak Indicators) co-presented with Helen Kennedy (Sociological Studies, University of Sheffield) at a Sheffield Solutions Lunchtime Seminar Series for the Department of Work and Pensions on Thursday 28th March. The lunchtime seminars bring together Academics, Policymakers and practitioners to develop networks and better understand Policy issues.

Paul and Helen discussed the implications of apps, digital services, smart devices, ‘data-fication’ and social media platforms on issues in our everyday lives, such gender, race, health, equality and public services. The seminar explored these issues and the ways they matter to government, DWP and citizens. The focus of Paul and Helen’s presentation was around data-driven decision making and notions of fairness, transparency and ethics in an age of data bias.

The seminar was well attended with around 40 participants, including members of the Senior Leadership team from DWP.

At Peak Indicators we want to help you to make data-driven decisions with fairness, transparency and ethics in an age of data and algorithmic bias. If you’re keen to discuss your analytics strategy, set up a meeting with Paul, call us on 01246389000 or email us on


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