We’re Launching Our Assessment Tool This Summer

We’re pleased to announce that Peak Indicators will be launching its brand new Analytics Assessment tool this summer. Designed to guide companies towards the successful use of a modern analytics platform, it’s something we’ve been working on for some time. We can’t wait to launch.

When Will the Tool Launch?

The tool is currently being used by an established FTSE business, marking a time of real progression in its launch. We’re currently working with their team to provide a subsequent road map towards them accessing an appropriately-matched, modern analytics platform.

For wider use, we’ll be looking to launch the Analytics Assessment tool in the next couple of months. We’ll announce this in our newsletter, via social media and on the Peak Indicators website.

How Can the Tool Help Your Business?

Many organisations looking to improve their business analytics processes run into problems with time and cost. This has led to many decision makers becoming frustrated with analytics as an area. Yet the journey to analytical progress needn’t be painful – and this is where our Assessment tool comes in.

Designed to kick-start the business analytics process, it has been designed by Peak Indicators to support the process of understanding and improving a company’s use of analytics.

What Do I Have to Do?

Our Analytics Assessment Tool takes around 25 minutes to complete. At the end of that time, it will provide you with an accurate ‘as is’ reflection of your company’s current state of analytics deployment.

During completion of the assessment, you will be answering questions based around 5 key areas – organisation, infrastructure, data, analytics and governance.

The 5 Key Areas

Within each of these key areas, you will answer a specific set of questions. These have been designed to help us answer the following questions:

Organisation – How could the makeup of your organisation influence successful analytics implementation?

Infrastructure – What technologies are in place to support analytics within your organisation and how does the infrastructure support how successfully analytics are used?

Data Management – To what extent do you use data in your analytics’ processes and how are your data sources connected? Is data quality and processing being considered?

Analytics – How advanced is your company in its use of analytics? This is relative in terms of both utilisation and delivery.

Governance – How coherent is the company’s data governance strategy and does it support data discovery effectively?

What Happens Next?

Once you’ve completed the assessment, we will further analyse the information that’s been submitted. In conjunction with gaining an understanding of your company’s priorities and business objectives, we can then work with your organisation to develop an analytics roadmap. This will be structured to support your wider business strategy.

We’re also looking to offer useful comparisons with competitive companies in the same sector, to compare strengths and weaknesses. By combining submissions from multiple staff at the same organisation, we can do this with measured accuracy.

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