What Are Our Partners For?

When we choose a partner to work with (or if software companies approach us), what makes us decide to fully commit to adopting their products? Why have we added more partners over the last year than ever before?

Well, there are potentially 1000s of software products across 100s of vendors that we could use to help our customers get proper value out of their data. There are many versions of this type of visual, which shows the scale of the competition:

Source: mattturck.com

So why have we chosen just 7 out of the vast array on offer above? Let us work backwards from the problems we are trying to solve to explain.


Moving Our Clients Towards Advanced Analytics

How do we successfully help our customers improve their legacy analytics and move towards advanced analytics?

The visual above shows our training program. Whilst we can enable data literacy at the executive level to prove the potential of advanced analytics – and CDOs can drive the adoption of advanced analytics programme and techniques - before long, you actually have to build something.

To do this efficiently, in an agile manner, you need a set of tools – and the software companies that we partner with give us all the tools we need.

At Peak Indicators, we have several highly experienced architects that can drive the approach, architecture and vision we have. What we’re particularly good at is delivering in these areas via our hub – and we have a strong opinion on how best to do that.  


The Partners We Work With

Each of the new partners that we’ve added have similar traits, they:

  • Provide cutting edge tools that solve a particular part of the analytics problem, in a rather clever way
  • Are companies that really rely on a partner-driven approach, to deliver on the promise of their software
  • Are companies that employ really good people that are easy and fun to work with

The other major advantage of our partners’ tools is that they fit perfectly into the agile way of doing things.  

We now, more than ever before, find ourselves engaged directly with the business users to solve their immediate problems. We can rapidly prove the value using these tools.  From a value-based design workshop to demonstrating dashboards in just a few days – this is only possible using proper, modern tools.

We create solutions for our customers based on their needs and only use the software and solutions that will truly fit and create value for them. We aim to bring like-minded companies together with products that we believe in, to form a winning combination. If you would like to explore the adoption of advanced analytics programmes and techniques get in touch to discuss setting up a demo for any of these tools with your data and let's start the conversation and unlock your business's potential.

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