What If We Train Them & They Leave? What If We Don't & They Stay?

What if we train them and they leave? What if we don’t and they stay?

I came across this phrase recently, that really made me stop in my tracks and think. It is relatively easy to measure and attribute a cost to the first question, the second is much harder but may potentially be costlier.

The feedback from our training courses here at Peak is always hugely encouraging, with statements such as “I wish I’d known this years ago” cropping up.

This has ultimately led me to believe that the cost of doing a role for a number of years, without the knowledge and skill, means that the business has essentially missed years of insight from data. These could have led to more ‘profitable’ decisions being made, before even mentioning the benefits of having an engaged employee.

The Blockers to Training

The blockers for training are the same for all of us: Can I afford to take an individual off the daily deliverables of a project to train them? Can I afford to pay for the training course?

Let’s be brutally honest: How many of us as the person being trained have had thoughts such as the following prior to a training course?:

  • I just don’t have time to do this
  • I will have all my work to catch up on after this course
  • It’s only going to teach me something that I already know

Then, after having attending the course, we’ve experienced a light-bulb moment that’s made us think or approach something in a different way. Then you are left thinking: “I wish I’d done this course years ago.”

Avoiding Complacency

It doesn’t always have to be a new skill. Often going on a course for something that you see as a strength actually has you shamed into admitting that ‘corner cutting’ and ‘bad habits’ have crept in.

This is actually natural when we become complacent in areas we congratulate ourselves in being able to  do with our eyes shut. Yet maybe just maybe those eyes need to be opened.

I can only speak from my own personal experiences and hope that they somehow relate to your own. Every time I’ve attended a training course that has enriched me personally and added a new skillset to explore and develop (and yes, admittedly, gone on the CV), I don’t think great now I am off to get a new job.

Are the Risks Worth It?

Instead, I feel invigorated and renewed and look forward to applying the newly-acquired knowledge in my existing role. This ultimately makes me feel grateful and loyal to the organisation that felt that I was worth the investment.

So, coming back to the original question posed: In my opinion, the cost and the risks associated with not training people and they stay will always outweigh the costs and risks of training someone and they leave.

For the employees that do stay – and lots will – the benefits will outweigh the risks.

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