DRIVE Software Solutions: Dynamic, Customisable Fleet Management

DRIVE required our assistance to build dynamic, customisable and highly formatted documents, such as order forms and invoices. These forms would be part of an offering to DRIVE’s own clients, who would use them to manage their own fleets.

What Did Peak Indicators Do?

We proposed to use Oracle BI Publisher (part of the OBIEE suite). BI Publisher has many native features that fit the requirements that DRIVE provided. There is a Microsoft Word plugin to design the reports - which means that pixel perfect reports can be generated. These reports are then populated by the data model created, with custom reports being sent to each individual on the mailing list.

Using Oracle BI Publisher (BIP), we built complex data models, which returned the data required. We then used the BIP Desktop plugin for Microsoft Word to design the forms. The BIP plugin for Word allows you to integrate the data from your data models into Word documents, meaning you have the design flexibility of creating a standard Word document, combined with using data from any source that can be built into a BIP data model (database, Excel, CSV, etc.)

The Results

The data model would return 1 row of data for each client, then the data would be inputted into the forms. This meant that forms did not have to be duplicated for each client, and the process was automated. BIP also has the functionality to then “burst” these reports – this means that the data model can also be configured to send out the forms individually, to each client.

The forms are also very customisable. For example, if a client of DRIVE wanted to use their own logo on the forms, or remove one of the fields, this would be quick and easy to do.

It can take a lot of time to manually process forms, tying up valuable company resources. Our solution automated this process allowing forms to be sent automatically at the push of a button making production faster and more efficient.

What Did The Client Say?

“Peak have become a strategic part of our team, especially with larger clients. They provide a quality of expertise and support that allows our business to concentrate on its own delivery strengths”

How We Could Help You

This solution could relate to any organisation that has a requirement to send out personalised content to their stakeholders. Payslips, monthly finance reports, order forms, etc… the options are pretty much endless with BIP!

For any organisation looking to automate repetitive admin tasks such as form filling, we are happy to look at ways in which you can operate more effectively and help to modernise the workplace. Automation of forms is one of the areas in which we can assist organisations. other areas include:

  • Automated Reporting
  • Dashboards & Data Visualisation
  • Legacy reporting
  • Analytical maturity
  • Use of predictive analytics
  • Speeding up data analysis
  • Utilising your workforce more effectively

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