Northern Power Grid

We recently carried out some work for Nothern Power Grid, where we took all of the Twitter data for the Client and used Logic Apps to receive all the messages and bring them into central storage. We then used Azure Cognitive Service which takes the tweet and analyses it and identifies the language and gives it a sentiment score either (+) (-) or Neutral.

It also identifies key phrases being used within the twitter chatter enabling them to set up word clouds to run over their analytics. The beauty of it is it is learning from the data all the time using AI services in the cloud.

It can also be plugged into Microsoft Power Bi or any other data visualization tool to enable you to build dashboards to bring insight and meaning to the data being captured and stored.

It can also plug into google analytics and add other data sets such as facebook feeds etc

For Northern Power Grid they were able to identify vulnerable groups for example customers with disabilities, elderly, loan parents etc and have a redflag alert on any tweets from these groups to ensure a quick reaction time to any service issues etc.

They are also now looking at ensuring that all (-) tweet are being responded to and looking at this as a KPI measure as part of their CX measures. Proactive and predictive customer service using marketing data.

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