The Guardian

"The project has been a great success as the entire model is now centralised in one system as apposed to the previous industry of spreadsheets"   Claire Antill, Director of Commercial Finance, Guardian News Media



  • No driver based planning for revenue and variable costs
  • Revenue and variable cost modelling completed within multiple complex spreadsheets making it difficult to maintain version control
  • Complex allocation process built offline in excel

What We Did

  • Replaced a multi spreadsheet model with many complicated links into an integrated Hyperion Planning model that forecasted all newsprint revenues and variable costs
  • All centralised printing costs allocated within the system and built into the same process of forecasting revenue and 
    variable costs


  • Integrated driver based revenue model provided greater analytical reporting capability along with greater “what if ” analysis functionality
  • Integrated allocation process allowing for greater visibility and transparency of the core cost and associated driver
  • No additional lead times for planning allocations

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