The HSBC Story: A Relationship Worth the Investment

Since 2014, Peak Indicators have been assisting HSBC with the transformation of their global HR reporting needs. At the core of this work has been an analytics platform which HSBC needed to develop to address their changing reporting needs.

What Did HSBC Need?

When the project first started, HSBC were looking to scale up their HR reporting platform and introduce agile delivery within their IT department. They asked Peak Indicators to help them achieve the following goals with the platform:

  • Create a scalable platform with stable means for rapid information delivery
  • Ensure it could serve 1,500+ users
  • Deliver Regular Information Packs to users
  • Embed the platform within the organisation
  • Move from a contractor model to a long-term, stable partnership


What Did Peak Indicators Do?

We initially brought in a team of Senior Architects from Peak Indicators, to work alongside the existing HSBC analytics team. This saw us provide support for business user queries and also begin to introduce new content, as HSBC’s needs for the platform continued to evolve.

What started as a 1,500 user-base platform then grew significantly, so our team were needed in new ways. Additional functionality and scalability has since been built into the platform, in order to satisfy HSBC’s changing needs.


The work we implemented for HSBC ultimately led to a 3,000% growth in platform users, with the reporting platform now acting as the golden source of HR information within HSBC. Completing a major transformation of their entire HR function, the work has left HSBC delighted with the Peak Indicators team.

Their ongoing trust in Peak Indicators' ability to deliver has been reflected in the long term services agreement Peak Indicators has now signed with HSBC. As part of this contract, we will now be looking to integrate further advanced analytics and digital innovation concepts within the platform.

What Did The Client Say?

HSBC have been left delighted by the work we’ve completed for them. Andrew Elston, Global Head of People Analytics Reporting & BI at HSBC said the relationship that’s been developed between Peak Indicators and HSBC is a testament to how Peak Indicators value our clients:

“Peak Indicators have been able to constantly find ways to innovate the platform and take it to places they hadn’t previously conceived.”

How We Could Help You

Do you have multiple data sources and fragmented teams making central reporting functions slow to react? If this sounds familiar and you would like some advice on a robust plan to move to a business-centric self-service model please get in touch. We can help you across many areas including:

  • Legacy reporting
  • Analytical maturity
  • Use of predictive analytics
  • Speeding up data analysis
  • Utilising your workforce more effectively

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