Peak's Analytics Assessment Model

Many organisations have invested significantly in Business Intelligence but are finding that the journey is slower, costlier and more painful than they expected. The concept of theirs being a Business Analytics driven company is a distant dream.

Our Analytics Maturity Assessment model provides a detailed assessment and roadmap for achieving long term success for your Business Analytics deployment.

While each Assessment is bespoke, we underpin your assessment and recommendations with our industry leading tested and validated three-phase process:

The Approach

Phase 1: Assessment:

Our Senior Architects will review and score your implementation in 5 key analytical areas.

Phase 2: Review :

The output of the Assessment will be used to identify and prioritise the key work areas that demand to be addressed, enabling you to begin achieving the expected return on investment from your Business Analytics deployment more effectively.

Phase 3: Strategy and Recommendations

Based on our extensive project expertise you will receive a comprehensive package of recommendations that include the scope, resource requirements and timelines to illustrate the fastest route of time to achieving value from your data.

The Five Keys Areas Of Focus:

  • Organisation
  • Data Management
  • Analytics
  • Infrastructure
  • Governance

To find out more about how your business is less than 10 minutes away from being provided with a detailed assessment of your existing Business Analytics deployment, please get in contact.