Tallinn Machine Learning

Tallinn is an augmented machine learning platform and methodology, designed to significantly reduce the cost, effort and risk associated with machine learning initiatives. Zero coding is required.

Tallinn is the fast-track approach for any organisation wishing to enter the world of machine learning without hiring data scientists. Highlight outcomes include:

  • 18% increase in prediction accuracy, in less than 2 hours
  • 19x fewer false negatives
  • Model precision increased by 27%

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What Is Machine Learning?

Machine learning techniques use algorithms to automatically learn and extract knowledge from data in order to make predictions, solve problems or derive insights.

Machine learning algorithms can model and understand the complex trends and patterns in your data in a way that humans cannot.

The most common use of machine learning is to make predictions about the future using historical data that can be applied to almost any industry or function - offering a great way to use and extract value from your existing datasets.

Example Use Cases for Machine Learning:

  • Predict out-of-stock products
  • Predict sales based on the weather
  • Predict customers likely to churn
  • Real-time upsell / cross-sell recommendations
  • Predict which employees are likely to leave your company
  • Predict which employees are likely to become high performers
  • Predict fraudulent transactions or expenses

Key features

Feature Engineering

Tallinn's unrivalled "feature engineering" engine automatically generates 100s-1000s of additional metrics to improve the accuracy and reliability of your machine learning models.

Feature Selection

The platform automatically selects the most useful features for your machine learning models to eliminate noise from your models and reduce processing time.

Model Selection

Your enriched data is tested against a wide range of machine learning algorithms to help you select the best performing algorithms for your models.

Model Tuning

Your machine learning algorithms are automatically tuned with the optimum parameter settings for maximising prediction accuracy.


Tallinn delivers all of the components and workflows needed to seemlessly build, test, deploy and run your predictive models across your development and live environments.



Tallinn is based on the Apache Spark framework, it needs nothing else. It can work with almost any data source (via JDBC) or flat file, with no reliance on any commercial 3rd party technology.


Tallinn benefits from Apache Spark’s highly efficient in-memory processing. All work is done offline, so there is zero impact on your source databases.


If you add more CPUs, or even another node to your Apache Spark cluster then Tallinn runs even faster, without any code changes required. You can easily flex your capacity up or down based on your processing needs.

Machine Learning Fast-Track Offering

Peak Indicators are pleased to offer a Machine Learning Fast-Track service to enable organisations to rapidly see the benefits of machine learning and have their staff trained to deliver high-value predictive analytics:

3-day on-site training: “Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics”

Proof-of-concept machine learning exercise with one round of Tallinn feature engineering.

Workshop to present the proof-of-concept results and discuss next steps

1-year subscription to use Tallinn

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