Workforce Retention Analytics

£30k is the estimated average cost to organisations when they lose an employee. Our Workforce Retention Analytics service provides a solution to this problem by utilising historical data to predict employee actions.

This can ultimately reduce the substantial costs linked to employee departures.

Structured to help HR leaders to hire and retain their best employees, we use Workforce Retention Analytics to help organisations to analyse high-risk and low-risk employees across their workforce.

  • Unstructured data utilisation: Large organisations possess vast amounts of unused textual or unstructured data such as CVs. We can use it to power insights.
  • Keyword themes and extraction: By analysing hot topics and sentiments within your data, we can identify common issues related to employee actions.

Using this information, we can transform your employee retention analytics data into actionable insights. These can then be used to provide:

  • ‘What-If?’ analysis: We show our clients which employees are likely to leave their organisation and provide informed analysis on whether incentivising them may see those employees stay.
  • Large-scale risk analysis: We can analyse high-risk and low-risk employees across the entirety of your workforce ahead of the next 12 months.
  • Performance analysis: We can help you to identify who the top performers are within your company. We can also show you what differentiates them from other employees within your organisation.

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You can view our Workforce Retention Analytics demo below.

  • Unlock the power of your company’s historical data
  • Predict when employees might leave
  • Discover whether a promotion or pay rise may stop a departure
  • Obtain tutelage from leading BI experts
  • Conduct large-scale risk analysis across your entire workforce
  • Extract themes and sentiments from unstructured data
  • Identify your organisations' top performers

Our Workforce Retention Analytics demo

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