Solidatus Partner Services

Peak Indicators has a strategic partnership with Solidatus, which enables us to help our clients to rapidly discover, visualise and understand the data flows across their entire company.

Using Solidatus, we can assist you with areas including:

  • The replacement of legacy systems
  • Enhancing reports
  • Flagging GDPR-sensitive data
  • Free up expensive resources through automation
  • Gaining understanding of your data estate

If you’d like to speak with us about our Solidatus partner services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

Modernising the Data Lineage Process

Solidatus was born out of a need to solve a problem that no one else seemed able to. Until recently, we’ve looked to understand data through the creation of enormous data lineage spreadsheets that track every piece of data - but they rapidly become far too unwieldly to work with.

Solidatus provides the level of detail required to rapidly map your legacy systems, so that we can start to consolidate, stabilise and modernise your existing analytics platform. This ties in nicely with our agile approach.

Discover more about analytics modernisation.

Analytics Modernisation

  • Transform your legacy reporting investments
  • Modern and unified analytics platform
  • Agile approach delivers rapid value
  • Move away from dated, static reports
  • Make innovative decisions fuelled by analytics

Solidatus Key Features

Enhance Existing Reporting

Solidatus’ browser-based modelling enables you to visualise all of the data they’re ingesting into one model; or to drill down into a data flow if required. This ultimately helps you to enhance existing reporting systems.

Understand Your Data Estate

One of the great features of the software is that it has been designed to make the invisible visible. By connecting to vastly complex and dispersed systems, we can transform the data we work with into priceless insights.

Identify Missing Links

Start modelling your data immediately to quickly identify where additional data discovery is required to achieve your goals. You can then add more time to selected manual processes or better still, move towards automation.

Rapidly Build Data Lineage

By inputting and exporting data with Solidatus, you can very quickly begin to accelerate the data discovery process. Not only does this mean you save valuable staff time, it also enables you to action insight gained far more quickly.


Save Time & Money

By automating processes, Solidatus can free up expensive resources that would otherwise have required manual involvement. This ultimately means you can spend time and money on other areas.

Endless Flexibility

Solidatus offers endless flexibility when it comes to tagging data within the ‘living’ documents it creates. Models can be worked on; or simply broken down into newer, more simplified versions.

Deep Insight

Historically, data lineage could often involve the creation of enormous spreadsheets - but these would be immediately out of date once written. Solidatus counters this by letting you rapidly ingest data into a ‘living’ document.

How Peak Indicators Can Help

Our experienced BI team enable companies to get the most out of Solidatus, ultimately saving valuable implementation time and reducing the risk of mistakes. We remove the pain of the discovery process and ensure you get the best possible return for your business.

We start with an extended 30-minute demo of Solidatus and a Q&A on the functionality and benefits of the software.

Next, we can then provide a 2-3 day workshop on-site with your team to define a business problem that you’re looking to solve through the platform.

We will then work closely with you to build a proof of concept with your data, to show how the platform delivers the solution.

On a more permanent basis, we then provide ongoing professional services, licensing, user training, implementation and consultation as required.

Keen to speak with us about how Solidatus could transform data lineage for your business? Get in touch with our team.