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Nearly half (45%) of survey respondents say lack of training is the biggest factor holding back analytics.” (HBR, 2016)

Peak Indicators can support your business in the provision of robust end-user training for analytics users. With a focus on OBIEE (Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition), Microsoft Power BI, R, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence,  training, we deliver our courses either on-premise or remotely as preferred. You can find our full selection of OBIEE training courses listed below. Please select your course of preference to find out more about what each one entails. Alternatively, for more information on availability and registration, please fill in the form at the base of this page.  

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"The Advanced Reports & Dashboards training course we took was a 10 out of 10 experience. The group questions raised throughout the session were answered straight off the bat by the Peak Indicators' BI consultant running the course. A+ from us."

Steve Ambrose-Leigh, RAF

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Business Intelligence

Oracle BI 12c "Advanced" RPD Modelling 

This 3 day training course is instructor-led with hands-on exercises, with no fewer than 23 hands-on lab sessions.

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Oracle BI 12c Beginners Reports and Dashboards 

This 1 day training course teaches delegates how to design and build interactive reports and dashboards in OBIEE 12c.

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Oracle BI 12c "Advanced" Reports and Dashboards 

Over 2 days, delegates will be taught how to design and build sophisticated, interactive reports and dashboards in OBIEE 12c.

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Oracle BI Cloud Service (BICS) 

This 3 day course will teach you how to use Oracle BICS to design and build sophisticated, interactive dashboards.

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Oracle BI Publisher 

Develop detailed knowledge and hands-on experience with Oracle BI Publisher on this 2 day, instructor-led course.

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Oracle Data Visualisation  

This 1 day course provides an overview of the key capabilities of Oracle Data Visualization in the form of a presentation with follow up Labs for hands on application and learning.

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OBI Applications Technical Boot Camp 

Over 5 days, attendees will learn the technical skills necessary for an Oracle BI Applications 7.6.9 implementation.

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Oracle BI 11g Upgrade and New Features 

This instructor-led, 2 day course provides BI developers and architects with essential 11g Oracle BI Enterprise Edition experience.

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Oracle BI 11g "Advanced" Bootcamp 

Over 5 days, delegates will learn how to design and build interactive dashboards; before moving onto advanced concepts.

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Oracle BI 11g "Advanced" RPD Modelling 

Develop essential skills and knowledge behind the Oracle BI Server and BI RPD on this 4 day training course.

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Oracle BI 11g "Advanced" Reports and Dashboards 

Learn key skills that will teach you how to design and build sophisticated, interactive reports and dashboards.

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Oracle BI 11g "Advanced" Reports and Dashboards - 2 Days 

Learn how to design and build sophisticated, interactive dashboards using a wide range of features over 2 days.

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Oracle BI 11g "Advanced" SOA Spatial 

The itinerary for this 2 day course focuses on areas including the ‘action framework’ feature of Oracle BI 11g.

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Oracle SQL - Basic/Intermediate Training  

An introduction to Oracle Data Bases, Oracle SQL and Oracle Analytics Functions

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Data Integrator

Oracle Data Integrator 11g Technical Bootcamp 

On this 4 day course, ETL Developers, Integrators and Architects will be taught to deliver best of breed ODI implementations.

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Business Intelligence

User Experience for Analytics 

This training provides Analytics developers and business analysts with essential knowledge on how to create an excellent user experience.

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Other Courses

Value Based Design  

This hands-on workshop will work you through your data priorities and design a starting point for you to build real insight into your teams use of data.

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Overview of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning  

This half-day talk by Professor Paul Clough of Sheffield University will give you a fascinating insight into what is likely to be the third industrial revolution.

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Introduction to Machine Learning & Tallinn ML 

This 3-day course will help to familiarise participants with common concepts and terminology used in data science and machine learning. It will also provide a hands-on introduction to Tallinn ML

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Introduction to R Training  

This two-day course provides a hands-on introduction to R and R Studio, framed within the context of Data Science. The course is aimed at people who are completely new to R and RStudio.

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R for Data Analysis  

10 sessions to Run over 5 days.

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R for Text Analysis 

More suited to an experienced R delegate we would recommend that you attend Introduction to R, our 2 day introductory course as a minimum entry level to this course.

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Power BI Foundation Course 

This training course will give you a detailed look at the many powerful features of Power BI and give you instructor-led, hands-on experience of developing and using the tool.

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SQL (Structured Query Language) Training  

During the 2 day course, delegates will carry out tasks and exercises enabling delegates to become familiar with SQL in practical terms.

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Oracle Database Health-Check  

This high-value expert service will provide a thorough and independent review of your Oracle Database Implementation from both technical and functional perspectives.

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Solidatus Quick-Start Training 

Get started on your Data Lineage journey with our half-day Solidatus Quick-Start training

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Intro to Jira and Confluence 

This course will provide an overview and practical experience of configuring and using Jira and Confluence and how to set the systems up.

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Book Oracle Business Intelligence Training

Delivered by our team of experienced architects and consultants, our Oracle BI training courses focus around enabling attendees to become fully self-sufficient and capable of delivering best-practice implementations.

To ensure they realise the user adoption and business benefits they desire, organisations have a significant training hurdle to overcome.

Peak Indicators has provided Oracle Business Intelligence training to many clients across sectors including: Financial Services, Retail, Public Sector and Professional Services. For these companies, we have designed, developed and executed OBIEE training and mentoring programmes to support their analytics strategy.

We’ve delivered countless courses in formats including:

  • Train the trainer programmes
  • Hands-on classroom style training
  • Seminar-style group demonstration
  • Computer-based training
  • Mentoring programmes

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