Oracle Data Visualisation

The course provides an overview of the key capabilities of Oracle Data Visualization in the form of a presentation with follow up Labs for hands on application and learning. Workshop training style with training laptops provided as part of the Peak Indicators mobile training classroom.

Oracle Data Visualisation
1 Day
Instructor led with hands on exercises

Public training and Private Training available on-demand

10-15 max



Key Capabilities

  • Home page walk through
  • Projects & Sharing
  • Data and Data Sets
  • Data Connections
  • Data Flows and Sequences
  • Console & Plug Ins
  • BI Ask

Key Visualization Features

  • Preparing the Data
  • Creating, Changing, Coloring & Sizing a Visualization
  • Replacing or Switching Columns
  • Properties & Configuration
  • Multiple Visualizations
  • Rearranging Canvas & Project / Canvas Properties
  • Freeform – resizing, sketching and skewing the visualizations
  • Custom Images & Text – overlaying your own images and text
  • Filters – how to apply and use
  • Multiple Canvases – how to rename, duplicate and create
  • Trellis Rows & Columns
  • Calculations, Including and excluding data points & Drill Downs
  • Data Actions
    • How to Configure, Navigation to another canvas or external URL
    • Invoking data actions
  • Adding Data Sets, Advanced Analytics, Trendlines, Clusters, Outliers, Reference Lines
  • Forecasts, Storyboarding, Presenting & Sharing
  • Visualize
  • Narrate
  • Demonstration

Oracle Data Viz, Data Visualisation