Oracle BI 11g "Advanced" SOA Spatial

Day 1 will focus on MapViewer integration, providing BI Developers and Architects with valuable knowledge on Spatial concepts and technology whilst learning how to build a sophisticated set of Oracle BI 11g Dashboards embedded with colourful and interactive maps. Delegates will also expand their skill-set through exposure to spatial technologies such as Oracle Spatial, Locator, MapBuilder, MapViewer, Web Map Services (WMS) and Google Maps.

Day 2 will concentrate on the exciting "Action Framework" feature of Oracle BI 11g, guiding Delegates through a series of scenarios that will integrate Oracle BI and SOA technologies to deliver innovative solutions and provide simplified, cost-effective deployments that are both easier to support and compliant with modern enterprise-architecture standards. As well as significantly increasing their expertise within the Oracle BI product stack, Delegates will also learn key Oracle Fusion Middleware technologies such as Oracle BPEL and Developer.

Oracle BI 11g "Advanced" SOA Spatial
2 Days
Instructor led with hands on exercises

Private Training available on-demand

BI Developers and Architects
Up to 15 Delegates per training


Day 1 - Maps and Spatial

  • Spatial Concepts and Architecture:
    • Oracle MapViewer
    • Oracle MapBuilder
    • Oracle Spatial/Locator
  • Building Your First Map
  • Defining Custom Background Maps:
    • NAVTEQ
    • Web Map Services (WMS)
    • Google Maps
  • Utilising Oracle Locator
  • Utilising Oracle Spatial
  • Spatial Drill-Downs and Navigation
  • Spatial Functions within Answers
  • Environment Migration

Day 2 – SOA & Web Services

  • SOA Architectures
    • OracleBI 11g Action Framework:
    • Navigate to a Web Page
    • Invoke a Browser Script
    • Invoke a Web Service
    • Conditions
  • Building a PL/SQL Web Service
  • Overview of OBIEE 11g Web-Services
  • ConfiguringOBIEE Web Services for SOA
  • Integration with External Applications
  • Building BPEL Workflows
  • Securing Web Services
  • SOA Monitoring and Support

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