Oracle BI 12c "Advanced" RPD Modelling

This training provides BI Developers and Architects with essential knowledge on the advanced concepts and key fundamentals behind the Oracle BI Server and BI Repository (RPD).

With new demonstrations of functionality and no fewer than 23 realistic “hands-on” lab sessions, delegates will receive significant first-hand experience with sophisticated Modelling techniques enabling them to model complex data structures (including Star-Schema, Flat Structures, 3NF, Essbase Cubes, Oracle OLAP cubes, Ragged / Unbalanced Hierarchies).

Oracle BI 12c "Advanced" RPD Modelling
3 Days
Instructor led with hands on exercises

Private Training available on-demand

BI Developers and Architects
Up to 15 Delegates per training



Day 1


  • Overview and Welcome
  • The Physical Layer
  • Logical Fact Tables
  • Logical Dimension Tables
  • Dimension Hierarchies
  • The Presentation Layer
  • Physical Calculations
  • Logical Calculations


Day 2


  • Variables
  • Security
  • Snow-Flakes
  • Hierarchical Columns
  • Aggregation
  • Denormalisation
  • Conformed Dimensions
  • Non-Conformed Dimensions


Day 3


  • Cross Database Joins
  • Outer-Joins
  • Parent-Child Hierarchies
  • Lookups and Double Columns
  • Fragmentation
  • Bridge Tables
  • BI Server Caching
  • Summary of RPD Golden Rules

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