Oracle Database Health-Check

Performed by an experienced Database Administrator, the review will cover the entire database estate. This will take into account both the environment and which applications access the database.  

Oracle Database Health-Check
4 days
On-site at customer location (some tasks can be carried out remotely)

Review & Report


The focus will be on making sure the implementation meets or exceeds expectations in a number of key areas, for example: 

  • Database standards including naming conventions and directory layout 
  • System architecture and design 
  • Installation and configuration 
  • Performance, scalability & monitoring 
  • Patching and upgrade versions for both database and OS, covering end of life support 
  • User and security checks 
  • Backup and recovery procedures 
  • Change management procedures 
  • Appropriate use of product features and tools 
  • Review of current license position 


At the end of the review process, the customer will be presented with a detailed set of findings and constructive recommendations. 

The Health-Check will typically involve the following tasks: 

  • Design / architecture review with implementation team 
  • Address outstanding issues on current system 
  • Identify potential points of failure 
  • Disk capacity and usage 
  • System statistics reporting 
  • Log file management 
  • Rollback management 
  • Extent and segment management 
  • Monitoring procedures 
  • Documentation of findings and recommendations 
  • Presentation of findings and recommendations 
  • Next Steps Workshop 

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