Power BI Foundation Course

Power BI is a business analytics service by Microsoft. It aims to provide interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities with an interface simple enough for end users to create their own reports and dashboards.

This training course will give you a detailed look at the many powerful features of Power BI and give you instructor-led, hands-on experience of developing and using the tool.

Power BI Foundation Course
4 Days
Instructor led with hands on exercises

Public training and Private Training available on-demand


Each Workshop consists of some introduction slides in the morning, going through some of the concepts. The rest of the day is spent working through the workshop at your own pace.

Day 1:



  • Setting up Power BI Service, Power BI Desktop and SQL Server Management Studio
  • Local or Azure Database connection

Power BI Desktop Transformations

  • Connect to the Microsoft Adventureworks Data Warehouse
  • Basic Transformations in Power Query Editor
  • Splitting Columns
  • Changing datatypes and working with dates
  • Conditional columns
  • Query Dependency View

Power Desktop modelling

  • Managing data relationships
  • Creating calculated columns
  • Optimising models for reporting (Hide fields and sorting)
  • Time Intelligence
  • Creating calculated measures (Using Table and Matrix visualisations)
  • Creating and managing hierarchies
  • Include / Exclude (Using a Clustered Column Chart)
  • Grouping / Binning
  • Cross Direction Filtering

 Power BI Desktop Visualisation

  • Pie and Treemap
  • Hierarchical axis and concatenating
  • Filter (Including top N)
  • Bar chart with line (Combo chart)
  • Clustering with the Scatter chart
  • Slicers
  • Focus Mode
  • Map visualisations
  • Waterfall
  • Gauge charts and KPI
  • Colouring charts

Day 2:


 Power BI Desktop Visualisation (Continued)

  • Working with Multiple visualisations
    • Page Layout and formatting
    • Visual relationship
    • Duplicate page
  • Marketplace visuals (Chiclet slicer example)

Working with Power BI Service

  • Uploading to Power BI Service
  • Configuring a dashboard
  • Adding Textbox, Image, Widgets
  • Featured and Favorite Dashboard
  • Sharing a dashboard
  • In focus mode or spotlight mode
  • Custom URL
  • TV Mode and collapse navigation
  • Printing and Exporting Dashboard
  • Power BI Notifications
  • Alerts in the Power BI Service


App workspaces, Apps, Security and Groups

  • Creating an App Workspace
  • Adding users into the app

Day 3:

App workspaces, Apps, Security and Groups (continued)

  • Creating and publishing a Power Bi App
  • Row Level security (Creating and Testing roles)

Power BI Desktop Visualisation (Continued)

  • Drill through
  • Table styles
  • Default summarization and categorization
  • Key Influencers Visual
  • Bookmarks and Buttons

Advanced Working with Power BI Service

  • The Gateway for On premise data (And personal Gateway Mode)
  • Power BI Schedule Refresh

Day 4 (Can tailor day 4 to some more specific data if required but we look at)

Creating your own Reports and Dashboards from example data

  • What visuals to use when
  • Importing Excel data using simple data
  • More DAX examples
  • Merging queries in Power Query editor

Power BI Updates (Whats new in Power BI)

  • TBA
  • Navigation within the Service


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