User Experience for Analytics

This training provides Analytics developers and business analysts with essential knowledge on how to create an excellent user experience. Why? Because an engaging UX drives user adoption which, in return, maximises the value of the analytics platform to your business or customer.

With demonstrations and exercises throughout, delegates will receive significant first-hand experience in quickly gathering research, analysing the research and then designing and prototyping dashboards. Delegates will learn various user centric design techniques not limited to personas, affinity diagrams, usability testing and rapid prototyping.

Attendees will take away templates and resources which will enable them to effectively implement UX best practises across their analytics platform.

User Experience for Analytics
2 Days
Instructor led with hands on exercises

Private Training available on-demand

BI Developers
Up to 12 delegates per training


Day 1:

Overview and Welcome

Theory of User Experience

  • What is UX?
  • Why does UX produce better results?

Conducting User Research

  • Research landscape
  • Quantitative vs Qualitative research
  • How to conduct insightful interviews
  • How to usability test

Analysing Research Data

  • How to group qualitative data in a meaningful way
  • Building a shared language to document user research
  • How to use research to inform what you prioritise to build

Day 2:

Designing the Experience

  • The importance of a good user flow
  • How interactions can make or break a product
  • Seven key design principles
  • Mobile Design

Testing Your Design

  • Varieties of prototype
  • Creating effective prototypes
  • Usability testing with prototypes

User Experience Golden Rules

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